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Year of the Snake!



With 2013 being the year of the Snake, the fashion industry just had to be a part of all that fun.  So Gucci’s collection has introduced us to his python line this spring.  We will see skins in the form of footwear, bags, dresses to coats and jackets!

Gucci - Python Dress

Gucci – Python Dress

Women around the world, rejoice, when it comes to wearability, the accessories for spring 2013 took their cue from the clothes—be positive, be pulled together, and by all means, be wearable … especially when it comes to the needs of the modern working woman. The bonus here is that expect to spot lower heels, more practical bags, and a move toward more simple, personal jewelry when the weather warms up again. The year of the Snake will be evident in all things fashionable.   All welcome news for those of us who like to look good and feel good.

Charlotte Olympia - Kitty Flats

Charlotte Olympia – Kitty Flats

Well those of us who have lived through the 60’s and had a blast …. remember ‘Twiggy’ who was my idol growing up, well ladies the 60’s Wild Style is back!  Jil Sander this spring has introduced the white boot and it is all the rage. Just like my Go Go boots back in the day:)  Now how much fun is that!

Jil Sander - White Boot

Jil Sander – White Boot

 Not only are white boots HOT again, but our desire for “MOD LOVE” is very popular.  The return of the dress is what women want and they are easy to wear.  The brilliant costume designer ‘Janie Bryant’ for Mad Men has revived day-time dressing with a twist.

Dresses from Mad Men

Dresses from Mad Men

DYK, that when fashions changed around 1800, women no longer wore costumes with full skirts that concealed pockets.  Instead, they wore long, narrow, diaphanous neoclassical styles.  The need for a PURSE become obvious.  In England, these early accessories were called ‘indispensables’ as they contained all the things a lady simply couldn’t do without:)  This spring we will see bags in all shapes and sizes, but really the bag for you, all depends totally on what your lifestyle is, always take that into consideration!

Bags 2013

Bags 2013



Bag Mulberry

Bag – Mulberry

 Enjoy your Friday – have a great weekend and we will talk to you soon!

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