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How to Tie Scarves!

Knowing how to tie scarves today is an essential skill, for any fashionable woman out there.   Whether you just wrap it around your neck for warmth in the winter months or use it to add some unique style to your wardrobe in the summer months, scarves today are an essential accessory.  They instantly add a pop of colour to most outfits, they travel beautifully are not expensive and the bonus is that they have multiple uses.

But the problem that women always share with me is that they do not know how to tie them into all these really cool styles.  So I am going to show you just a few easy ways to transform your look.  Then I want you to stand in front of your full length mirror and practice.   Yes that’s right ladies, you need to practice and do this a few times in order to remember how to do it when you are in a hurry and running out the door:)

So lets begin with the shape of a scarf.  We basically have 3 types, Square Scarf, Large Square Scarf and we have the Rectangular Scarf.

 Square Scarf = 90 x 90 cm / 35.5 x 35.5 inches


We love the Square Scarf because even though it is a square, we can roll it into a rectangular shape and wear it also as a necklace.  Tying this type of scarf gives you many options, like wearing it tied up on your head which is very ‘BoHo’ when you are in a hurry and your hair is a mess, this will give you a pop of colour in an advant-garde sort of way.


How to tie a scarf

How to tie a scarf


Large Square Scarf = 120 x 12o cm / 47 x 47 inches


With the Large Square Scarf this is wear the fun begins because this scarf can be draped over your shoulder and worn as a wrap or tie this scarf together with both ends, and then it becomes the ‘Infinity Scarf’.  Keep in mind that the fabric plays a vital role when selecting the right scarf to wear with your outfit.  In the cooler months a heavier knit such as a fine wool or cashmere would work beautifully.  But in the warmer months, silks, chiffons and light weight linens and cottons will be perfect.


Tying a Scarf

Tying a Scarf


Rectangular Scarf = 200 x 66 cm / 80 x 26 inces


With the Rectangular Scarf the options are unlimited.  You can wrap it around your neck several times and then just tuck the ends underneath.  You can twist it by starting with your basic loop and then begin twisting around the loop until your run out of scarf.  Then just centre your scarf and Voila – another great look.  We love the Rectangular Scarf for travel because this is wear it has so many uses.  From wearing it as a belt with your jeans to adding some simple style to your basic sheath dress by wearing it wrapped around your waist.  Because the Rectangular Scarf has such a great length, it drapes beautifully over your shoulders in the evening when the weather starts to cool down.  However, if you are a perfume wearer there is no need to pack your precious potions.  Just spritz your scarf with your favourite scent and when packed inside your suitcase, it will keep your luggage smelling lovely and also provide a nice light scent for you when you wear your scarf.


3 Fun Ways to wear your Scarf

3 Fun Ways to wear your Scarf


Now if you found some of these suggestions not challenging enough, then you need to go and check out Wendy’s LookBook video where she will teach you some really cool ways to tie your scarfs.  There are so many possibilities that we just need to firstly – think about colour and then take your scarf and match it up with your current outfits in your wardrobe.  When you start to think of your scarf as an accessory just like your jewellery, all of a sudden you will have discovered how to wear certain outfits a little differently.

But remember, with all of your beautiful scarves you still need to be able to see them instantly.  This Ikea Scarf organizer called the ‘Komplement’ is only $9.99 and it folds up and weighs nothing, so you can pack it in your bag on your  trip and then when you reach your destination, you just hang it.

So go and have some fun experimenting and find your inner ‘Scarf DIVA’ and let me know at lfd@lindafergusondesigns.com what your favourite style of knot is?

Until next time, Ciao

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  1. kirsten

    I need one of those scarf organizers! Great tutorials on how to wear a scarf differently. I always forget and do the same thing over & over.

    • Linda Ferguson
      Linda Ferguson07-29-2014

      Hi Kirsten, So nice to hear that you learned a new knot, and just might try another style for a change:) As far as a Scarf Organizer goes – they are a must in every woman’s closet!

  2. Tammy Phye
    Tammy Phye07-30-2014

    Linda, great ideas on the scarves. I also enjoyed the pics and the suggestion for the organizer, I could use one.

    • Linda Ferguson
      Linda Ferguson07-31-2014

      Thank YOU Tammy and I know that before I had my scarf organizer – I didn’t wear my scarves that often because I could not see them. They were tucked away in a drawer somewhere. But know that I have one it makes putting an outfit together so much easier!

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