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Hot Sweater Trends for Women in Victoria, BC

Hot Sweater Trends for Women in Victoria, BC

With the weather getting cooler this fall here are some Hot Sweater Trends for women in Victoria, BC, as we all get bundled up nice and snug in big chunky mega- knit sweaters.  We LOVE Sweaters because they are unobstructed and free from form and discipline.  Sweaters are perfect for layering your clothes and adding texture and interest to any outfit.  Sometimes, they even become your best accessory because it just finishes off a great look. Like with most garments I am always curious to read how it evolved and the Cardigan has a great story that I would like to share with you.

The cardigan sweater began as far back at the mid 1800’s during the Crimean War.  James Thomas Brudenell was the 7th Earl of Cardigan, and he is who the sweater was named after.  This British military commander, who lead the infamous ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ served in this war and thus began the wearing of the cardigan sweater.

But the sweater was very popular in the 17th century with the fishermen in the British Isles and in France. These sweater proved to be an invaluable garment on the very cold seas and they are still a stable in most fishing villages today. Wool repels water and is the only natural fibre that retains its ability to keep the wearer warm even when wet.  I just love the story how the knitters created different cable and Celtic stitches that were designed to distinguish each father and or son when their washed-up bodies could be identified when they were lost at sea.

Hot Sweater Trends for Women in Victoria BC

Hot Sweater Trends for Women in Victoria

The ability to properly wash and care for your sweaters will add many years to the lifespan of your collection.  The two most prevalent fabrics we see in the sweater production are cotton and wool. Typically the best time to wear a cotton sweater is in the spring, summer and early fall because cotton’s absorbency makes it very comfortable in warm weather. Buying cotton sweaters is always a good investment because they can be laundered many times in cold water but care must be paid when cleaning because cotton is not that great at keeping their shape.  Cotton is also a great fibre due to its molecular structure in that it resists heat damage so you are able to iron your cottons frequently. Of course all sweaters are different so it is really important to always read the Care Label.

We all know that wool is the most popular fibre for sweaters in the winter months because of its warmth, but it must be cared for more carefully.  Wool does keep its shape much better than cotton and it doesn’t wrinkle as much but there is that extra care that is required.  Heat can easily damage wool fibres as can water and bleach and we NEVER put a wool sweater in a washing machine.  Otherwise we have new clothes for Barbie:) The best way to treat wrinkles in all wool garments is by using steam. While the best way to wash wool sweaters with stains and dirt is to either get them dry cleaned or wash them by hand.

Cardigan 2014 hot sweater trends women in Victoria BC


 As most or you may know – the cashmere goat produces the cashmere wool which is a very fine, soft downy winter undercoat.  The results are pure luxury in a sweater that you never want to take off.  Because of it’s special qualities it requires special treatment because it is not your typical wool.  Scala Boutique in Victoria, BC is just one of the many shops that offers some wonderful cashmere sweaters for you to just wrap yourself in and feel cozy and warm all over.

Cashmere Dress and sweater trends in Victoria BC

Cashmere Dress

Cashmere CARE

1. Gently wash the sweater in warm water with a mild soap or shampoo. Gently press excess water and soap out of the sweater, never twisting or wringing the garment as it may stretch the fabric out of shape.

2. Take the wet sweater and lie it on a dry towel. Put the sweater in its proper shape and roll the towel up. Once it is rolled up, press the towel gently to remove any excess water, then repeat again with a dry towel.

3. Lay the sweater on a flat surface on top of a dry towel until it is air-dried.

4. Once dry, you will want to delicately fold it trying to avoid creating a centre crease. Never hang a cashmere sweater because it will lose its shape. Always lay it flat and nicely folded.

2014 sweater trends for women in Victoria BC

TurtleNeck Heaven

Sweater CLOSET

You are totally covered if you have the following:

1. Black Turtleneck

2. Crewneck and or a V-neck

3. Cardigan for work and one for the evening

4. Weekend sweater, and choose one that is warm.

2014 hot sweater trends for women in Victoria BC

Shrug in a Cable Stitch


2014 Hot Sweaters for women Victoria BC

Hot Sweaters Online – Click picture!

Always remember to balance the shape of hard-to-wear sweaters with pieces from the other end of the spectrum.  Big goes with little, nubby goes with silk and prim goes with sexy!  When we wear an oversized sweater just make sure that everything from the waist down is slim and narrow – giving us that sense of balance.  Line, Proportion and Balance is always your friend.

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Knit sweaters for women in Victoria BC

Hot sweater trends for women in Victoria BC

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