Shoebox Project for Shelters

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Shoebox Project

Small gestures can make a Big Difference so just click on Shoebox Project for Shelters and see how you can change a woman’s life with a simple gift of kindness.  Watch this video by clicking on Shoebox Project to help you get started.

Little luxuries are items that enhance our lives in small ways. We rarely think about them. Yet at the Shoebox Project for Shelters we know that makeup, perfume and scented lotions can help make a woman feel special. The Shoebox Project asks Canadians to fill shoeboxes with little luxuries and delivers them to women living in shelters during the holidays and on other holidays throughout the year. The small gesture of filling a shoebox, decorating it and including an inspirational card has a big impact on the woman who receives it. These little luxuries brighten her day, and let her know that someone in her community is thinking about her and that she is not forgotten. Making a shoebox is easy and it is an experience that can be shared with family, friends and colleagues.

What Goes in a Shoebox?

A shoebox is filled with gifts worth approximately $50. Suggested contents might include: lipstick, mascara, nail polish, perfume, scented body or hand lotions. Chocolates, cookies, candies, mitts, hat, scarves, brushes, combs, movie passes, bus/subway tickets, phone card and gift certificates are great gifts. Receiving a gift card from a retailer such as McDonald’s, Tim Horton’s or Cineplex Odeon is a good option. The cost of making a box can be shared and donated products can be solicited.

Shoebox Project

Why the Shoebox Matters.

The Shoebox Project resonates with Canadians because making a shoebox is a hands-on activity, it does not represent a big expense and the donor can identify with the positive impact these little luxuries may have on the recipient. Moreover, these shoeboxes let the women who receive them know that they are not forgotten. It is our hope that through this process, the Shoebox Project is able to let Canadians living through difficult times know that the people in their community care about that and at the same time, raise awareness about homelessness, poverty, abuse, our shelter system and the thousands of Canadians who rely upon it.


About the Shoebox Project for Shelters.

The Shoebox Project for Shelters is a national charitable organization founded in 2011 by Caroline, Jessica, Vanessa and Katy Mulroney. Their mission is to collect and distribute gifts packaged in shoeboxes to women in shelters across Canada and to raise awareness about the risks girls and women face that can lead to homelessness. In 2013, the SBP delivered gifts whose value approximated $500,000 to 10,000 women at almost 200 emergency and transitional shelters in 26 communities across Canada. In 2014, we debuted our first three-day service learning project for students in a Toronto high school to educate them about the risks girls and women face as well as to inspire them to give back to their community.

Shoebox Project

What do people say about the Shoebox Project?

“The women were shocked to see that people in the community cared enough to put such wonderful things together for them.” – Program Coordinator, Street Haven Shelter, Toronto

“It is such a treat because they are dealing with homelessness, violence and are often isolated from friends and family. To get these donations is huge.” – Shelter manager, Martha House, Hamilton

“This charity is special because it gives families and children the opportunity to work together on something that truly changes people’s lives, therefore benefiting the recipients as much as the givers.” – Mark Diamond, Owner/Director, Manitou Cares

Thank YOU for caring and making a positive difference in one woman’s world – today.

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