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Shoe Lust in Victoria BC

Shoe Lust is Contagious!

Shoe Lust – well what can I tell you, I have had this problem my entire life.  No only do I look at shoes from a practical viewpoint.  But I also see them as a work of art, which is evident in the work below by the extremely talented Michel Toherevkoff.  Even if you don’t like shoes, you have to admit that you are blown away by these outstanding shoe designs that were inspired by nature.

But really, we need to wear shoes every single day unless we live in Bali, so why not wear a pair that you love.  Shoes are another accessory in a woman’s wardrobe that add interest and character to her unique sense of style. Now personally I just love Mules, which is a type of shoe that is backless and it usually has a closed-toe. But having shoe lust is not necessarily a bad thing.

Mules can be any height from a flat, kitten heel to even a high heel and they are easy to slip on and off.  Plus they are a great pair of shoes to travel with because they are not bulky and fit easily into your luggage.

Peacock Mule Shoe

Peacock Mule Shoe

Now if Mules are not your thing, we have High Heels which are 2 inches and higher. Goodness knows these days they are even over 4 inches in height.  But another great every day shoe is a Kitten Heel because they are typically 1 – 2 inches in height.

Stilletto Heels are a shoe with a very narrow heel post so walking in them for long periods of time is challenging.  However if heels are difficult for you, try wearing a Wedge Heel. Since the wedge heel covers the entire base of your foot, it does not feel like you are wearing heels so then you can stand in them for a longer period of time.

Slingbacks are a type of shoe that is secured with a strap behind the heel rather than over the top of the foot.  These come in a kitten heel as well as a high heel so you decide which one is best for you.


Shoe Lust in Victoria BC

Ballet Flats, Ballerians, Ballet Pumps or Skimmers are one of my favourites and I have many in my shoe closet.  They have such versatility and can be worn dressed up or down plus the comfort level is a 10.  These shoes have a very low heel and a relatively short vamp exposing much of your instep.

Pumps however are a classic and they are available in a kitten heel or a high heel.  When you invest in a good quality pair of shoes they should last you many years.  Keep in mind that investing in leather always surpasses leatherette.

Casual shoes have changed over time and I find it interesting how women choose a particular shoe for a specific outfit.  From Clogs to Platform shoes these days anything goes, it’s a free for all!

When investing in footwear always try to cover the basics first.  You need at least one pair of a good quality flat sandal and one pair of flip-flops or thongs.  These you can run around in all summer long and your feet will love you just remember to have that pedicure:)  We all know what dinosaur feet look like ladies and that is not pretty:(


Shoe Lust in Victoria BC

Next we need two pairs of good shoes, like a pump and a high heel either with or without a strap.  But if your feet and ankles tend to swell, you should stay away from ankle strap shoes and try to keep your ankle area free from any type of binding.  Also, always buy your shoes at the end of the day.

The reason for this is because your feet – regardless of your age will spread during the day and we always strive for comfort in footwear.  Never buy a pair of shoes with the thought that they are going to stretch.  Buy shoes that fit right now, because one-quarter of the bones in your body are in your feet  – so take good care of them.

Shoe Lust

Shoe Lust in Victoria BC

Finally we need to have a sexy pair of shoes – those strappy little things that are just so beautiful to look at but not great for a long distance hike.  That is the party shoe for when we attend functions, events and festivities. Now if you still think that shoes are only for the young, then you need to watch this fascinating video on Fabulous Fashionistas.

Remember ladies to embrace your sense of style and let everyone know that you have arrived!

If you have a favourite pair of shoes, please tell me about them and send me a picture and I will share them with all of our Shoe Fashionistas out there, Shoe Lust in Victoria BC, here we come 🙂

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