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Shoe Box Project for Shelters


The Shoe Box Project is up and running in Victoria, BC and they need your support.

Just go the our website or visit our Facebook Page  for details and more info.


The Shoe Box Project is a not-for-profit organization that provides lovely gift-filled shoeboxes during the holiday season to women living in shelters.

“Because the greatest Gift is not found under a tree, but right here in our Heart”

The shoeboxes are filled with various items you think a woman might enjoy, such as lotion, haircare products, makeup, personal care products – items that she normally would not have access to during this difficult time in her life. A list of suggested items is posted on the both websites.

Creating a Shoe Box with a value of around $50.00 can be done alone or with friends and can be an expression of yourself.  Customizing the shoebox with decorations and images and including cards, poems or inspirational messages makes these shoeboxes very special to the receiver.

Shoe Box Project

Shoe Box Project Elves

In 2014, 17,000 shoe boxes were delivered to over 270 shelters across Canada with a value of over $850,000.00.

Founded by four sisters-in-law in 2011, the Shoe Box Project is a way to give back through a simple gesture.  It’s a wonderful way to show a stranger that whatever happened yesterday, or whatever happens tomorrow, somebody in your community cares about you – TODAY!

Please join me in creating your shoebox and an opportunity to give back to your community.  It is a small gesture of kindess that has an immediate and positive impact on the woman that receives it.

Thank YOU!

“No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted” AESOP”

#ShoeBoxLOVE   #SBProjectYYJ   #LoveWhatsInside


Shoe Box Project

Shoe Box Project

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