At Your Service

Linda Ferguson Designs Wardrobe Basics 101

As a Fashion Designer I am ‘At Your Service’ helping women of all ages and dress sizes feel empowered and confident by teaching them the right tools to help them look and feel Fabulous!
There is nothing that liberates a woman more with confidence than getting dressed and then looking in the mirror and telling yourself  ‘Girl’ you are looking good!

Linda Ferguson Designs offers many different services to fit your needs:

1.   Image & Wardrobe Consultations

2.   Custom Haute Couture Clothing

3.   Shopping Safari

4.   Loyalty Program

1.  Image & Wardrobe Consultation: $299. CDN ( 2 hours )

Image + Wardrobe Consultation

Image + Wardrobe Consultation, Victoria BC

You know that it is time for an Image & Wardrobe Consultation when you enter your closet and it is full of clothing, but you feel that you have nothing to wear. You feel like your unique personality is not shining through with your style these days.

This event happens every morning for millions of women around the globe so rest assured, you are not alone and that is why I am ‘At Your Service’.

However, this is not how we want to start our day. So I invite you to connect with me and together I will show you how to build a wardrobe with your existing pieces. Then from there we will group clothing according to activities and mix and match them with other pieces that we currently own. Now we know what our weak link is and what we need to purchase in order to get even more mileage out of our current wardrobe.

It begins with knowing what your Body Type is and only buying clothing that flatters your figure. I will teach you Tips & Tricks of the trade on what you need to know before you go shopping, so you do not throw your money away.

If a garment does not fit your body properly, primarily in the shoulders, then do not make the purchase. Regardless if the salesperson is telling you otherwise.

We all have to start some where … and this is a great beginning!

2.  Custom Haute Couture Clothing: $$$

Haute Couture, Victoria BC

Haute Couture, Victoria BC

Now matter what your age, one never gets tired of having a beautiful piece of clothing custom made exactly just for them.  This is where Linda Ferguson Designs is ‘At Your Service’. There is something very magical about a piece of clothing that was created and designed for your unique body type with the precision of superior craftsmanship, love and passion built right in.

It is so personal and filled with love that one cannot explain it if you have not yet had the privilege of being the owner of a garment designed and created just for your beautiful body. You are measured from head to toe to ensure that your garment enhances your body perfectly and that you in the end feel empowered wearing it. Since you have selected the fabric you now have a personal connection with the garment, and it becomes part of the family.

3.  Shopping Safari: $599. CDN ( 4 hours )

Shopping Safari

Shopping Safari, Victoria BC

Ladies, let’s get ready to have some fun on a personal Shopping Safari because Linda is ‘At Your Service’. This is where Linda has pre-selected specific shopping boutiques in advance based on a predetermined shopping list. During your Shopping Safari you will try the clothes on for fit and theory demonstrations, that will teach you what to look for in future shopping excursions. Then we will mix and match outfits for you and discuss fabrics choice, fabric care, cost per wear along with future shopping strategies. Taking into account your body type, colour palate and image goals, we will establish the ‘Wardrobe Basics’ so that you can build on that over time. When your Wardrobe Basics are defined, you become empowered and liberated every time you get dressed because you know what combinations work best in your closet.

4.  Loyalty Program:

Loyalty Program, Victoria BC

Loyalty Program, Victoria BC

In life you always have the choice to do what you want to do for a living. But in business if you do what you LOVE your gifts will be shared by others who share the same philosophy. As a Fashion Designer I just love designing clothing for women because they become transformed and liberated with the final product. My customers have provided me with the ability to work my craft and my gift to them is priceless.

As a client of Linda Ferguson Designs you are now part of the ‘Loyalty Program’. Being a member offers you huge discounts on garments and are always the first to hear of up and coming sales and events that are scheduled.