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Resort Wear

Resort Wear for Women in Victoria, BC

Resort Wear for Women

Resort Wear for Women in Victoria, BC must be clothing pieces that are fun to wear and easy to pack. With so many of us heading off to a warmer climate in the New Year, it is always fun to have clothing pieces that do double-duty all year round. In the Fashion World they call this ‘Resort Wear’, which is a specialized clothing style sometimes also called ‘Cruise Wear’.

The New Year is a time for us to process our thoughts and take charge of our life and embrace new beginnings. That is why Resort Wear for Women in Victoria, BC is such a HOT topic. Resort Wear clothing has always been one of my favourite lines, because it is classic and elegant and it has a lot of flow. Timeless clothing is an investment that I teach my clients all about on a daily basis. When buying clothing always invest in quality pieces that will last for years, so that your closet will not be over-crowded with items you rarely wear.  Your closet is the most expensive real estate in your home because it never gets any bigger, yet we still keep adding new pieces to the rack.

Resort Wear was originally marketed to ‘upscale’ stores and the collections were only available to the very affluent customers who were expected to spend post-Christmas and New Year’s week in a warm climate. Not to worry as Resort Wear for women in Victoria, BC is now available all year round.

But life in the retail world has changed a lot, so today ‘Resort Wear’ clothing has become available to the general public. It is basically brightly coloured and loosely fitting to allow for greater comfort and ease. Fabrics such as chiffon, georgette and silks are just some of the more popular choices because they have such a wonderful flow to them and feel simply wonderful against your skin. Also look for garments that have raglan sleeves and boat-neck collars that are easy to put on and take off.

Fabric considerations for Resort Wear clothing is typically lighter-weight than other fashion garments. You will want these clothing pieces to consist of fabrics like linen, silk, cotton, cotton-blends, lightweight knits and cashmere because they travel well and the natural fibres breath.  A lovely light weight cotton lace brightly embroidered dress is uplifting and fresh to wear over a swim suit or pair it with leggings and a shrug for evening wear.
The most efficient way to plan your ‘Resort Wear’ when packing is to organize it all around one colour family. White is always a good basic choice and then opt for bold colours to give you a punch of colour that will balance off the white. The colour black always works but is sometimes a little heavy looking and dark, so think about colour proportions when putting this look together. If you incorporate prints they can be mixed and matched with your solid pieces for more mileage. One brightly coloured top or pant can take you right through your holiday just by complimenting each item with a solid colour for calm and balance.
Resort Wear for women works well when you equip yourself with tank tops, camisoles and short sleeve tops. These will work beautifully when you pair them with jeans, leggings or a maxi skirt – then you are good to go. Foot wear should include sandals, walking shoes and evening wear. A couple of sun dresses paired with your go-to jacket and/or a wrap, beach wear and a hat, and you are done. A great Cover-Up has to be one of your key pieces to pack on your trip. It can be worn over a swim suit or a camisole with shorts while still protecting you from the sun when necessary.
Resort Wear for Women in Victoria, BC are travel garments that should be able to do double-duty, and also consider whether the ability to launder your garments will be available. One of the things to look for in Resort Wear is easy on and easy off. There are usually not a lot of zippers, buttons and basic detailing in Resort Wear clothing. These clothing pieces are just simple, easy and totally fun to wear.
I hope that you found these Resort Wear for Women in Victoria, BC tips helpful, and if you have any questions on how to achieve your ‘Resort Wear Look’ or just need some inspiration then check out my Resort WEAR on Pinterest for some great style ideas or just contact me.
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  1. Pamela Sylvan
    Pamela Sylvan01-02-2015

    Thanks for sharing this ‘system’ for appropriately putting together what is needed as we pack. It’s always so difficult to decide how to create stylish and comfortable outfits. A little knowledge certainly goes a long way.

    • Linda Ferguson
      Linda Ferguson01-02-2015

      Thanks so much Pamela and I am glad that you found it helpful. There are a variety of really cool gadgets out there that really help get us organized, even if it only happens when we travel:)

  2. Geri Pudwell
    Geri Pudwell01-19-2017

    Hi Linda. I need the zebra caftan

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