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Plus-Size Fashions in Victoria BC

As a Fashion Designer I dress women in Plus-Size fashions along with very tiny women because let’s face it, as women we all come in different shapes and sizes. But our shape or size should not dictate on how one should dress and express themselves. However the Fashion Industry is not an industry that embraces change well. Because that is what fashion is all about. What we wear as women tells the world how we feel about ourselves and what is unique about us. Plus-size women want to wear clothing pieces that are not just muumuus. The reason that change is such a challenge for the Fashion Industry is because it takes an experienced Fashion Designer a lot longer to dress a body with curves than a body that has a boyish shape or is rectangular. A big busted women with a tiny waist and short torso or a hippy women with short legs requires a specific pattern drafted just for them. It takes a lot of time to draft one single pattern, and time is money.

Plus Size DivasFor years now I have been following the market for Plus-Size Fashions for women because my clients constantly complain about the poor quality of fashionable garments that are available to them. They are usually just a boxy type of top with a black pant, because we all need another pair of black pants. Then of course there is the polyester factor which is totally the worst type of fabric to wear. Polyester clings to the body and causes static in a dry environment and does not breath. So if your hormones are out of control, wearing this fabric will have you sweating like a pig. Manufactures like using polyester because it is cheap and it weighs less than natural fibres. Since all the fabric these days gets shipped from China, weight is a critical factor on the bottom line.

But now we are seeing Plus-Size models on the runways in New York, Milan and Paris and that is a huge move forward for the big name players in the world of fashion.When the general public starts seeing Plus-Size models on the runways and in magazines we know that the Fashion Industry is watching and listening.

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It is interesting to note that in 1985 the average woman in the USA wore a size 8. Well today that woman would wear a size 14 which is the number that marks the dividing line between a standard size and a plus-size garment. The Plus-Size market is one of the most underserved segments of the fashion industry. Even while their sales sore to over $17.5 billion in the USA alone and growing, Fashion Designers seem allergic to the industry.

Plus-Size fashions that are attractive and flattering to the body are finally moving into some great stores. You can shop online at Nordstroms where they have a great selection of stylish designer clothing pieces that will have you feeling like a Diva. Penningtons who has been selling Plus-Size clothing for quite some time now has finally included the foxy Ms. Melissa McCarthy’s line of Plus-Size clothing. Her line is really funky and fun and she has introduced patterns with prints along with pops of colour that just ignite your personality. Plus-Size fashions in Victoria are also available at Curvalicious Boutique at the Goldstream Station.

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At the end of the day you really need to appreciate the body that you have today and embrace it with all it curves. Look for comfort and style and invest in good quality whenever you can. Then if you are not happy with the selection of clothing pieces at your favourite boutique speak out and ask them to provide better service by providing you, the customer – more choice. As women we usually don’t speak up and complain, but since most of the Fashion Industry is controlled by men, they need to hear our concerns loud and clear. Ladies it is our time to Speak UP and ROAR because the Revolution has begun!

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