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Key Items to Pack on a 3 Day Get-Away!

The challenge of packing ‘Key Items’ on a 3 Day Get-Away!


It is not about your destination or the length of your trip, it is always about being prepared for multiple situations that we may be faced with.

I must admit that in the beginning when I packed for a trip I was just awful.  I literally took everything out of my closet and just moved it right into my luggage:)  Thank goodness I now have a system which is a ‘Packing List’ which I print out and implement when I travel, so that I don’t go crazy trying to figure out what to pack the night before for my get-away.  Because at the end of the day, if I am packing light, I still need to look FABULOUS!

So I am going to share my system with you and I hope that you find it useful and easy to implement into your life!

Firstly, let’s talk about our Travel Bag. It has to be functional and constructed of a good quality material to survive travelling and be equipped with numerous compartments for easy access. 

Travel Bags
Travel Bags

Let’s start out with the basics, and I know that you have heard this for years.  But it is true when it comes to packing, Less is MORE!  You need key items on your packing list that will have multiple uses and do double-duty, because ladies – we do NOT want to iron clothing pieces on a vacation:(

At home we have our favourites that we LOVE and wear them all the time.  So when it comes time for us to head out on a 3 Day Get-Away, we are packing those special clothing pieces.  But remember – we don’t need to pack them all, just ‘Key Items’ that will provide comfort and versatility to our trip.

Linda Ferguson Designs Feather Chiffon Tunic

Linda Ferguson Designs.com – Feather Chiffon Tunic

The first thing I do, is print out a blank calendar of the time period that I will be away.

Then on that calendar, I insert activities or functions that I need specific clothing pieces for, and that keeps me on track.  From that list I can include my favourite accessories, so that I have everything planned out in advance.

Linda Ferguson Designs Scarf-Blue Silk

Linda Ferguson Designs.com – Blue Silk Scarf

I find that when I lay all of my key items onto the bed, I then group them by day.  So for example, if on Friday I am flying to Vancouver I know from previous trips that I will definitely need a jacket to wear on the plane.  A Boy Friend Jacket has easy access pockets for your passport and boarding pass without having to fumble in your bag for ID.

Linda Ferguson Designs BoyFriend Jacket

Linda Ferguson Designs.com – Boy Friend Jacket

Also, all of your separates should combine well and mix and match with one another.  This way it makes it very easy to switch out a ‘Tee’ if the weather suddenly gets chilly and replace it with a long sleeve Top or Sweater.

Linda Ferguson Designs Bamboo Tank with Lace

Linda Ferguson Designs.com – Bamboo Tank with Lace Tim

Knits and Bamboo are great to travel with because they hardly wrinkle when packed in your bag.  Personally it really annoys me when my clothing does not look their best, so decide what pieces will get maximum use, and work around that key item of clothing.

We also know that light clothing pieces usually only get a one time use, so darker clothing colours might be a better selection choice for your Get-Away.

I just love my chunky 100% cotton sweaters, but they are so bulky that they never travel with me.  I opt for my cashmere sweaters that are very light weight and they are such a great investment piece that they will last for years to come.  It is easier to layer clothing pieces so try to choose tops that can be worn over other pieces for maximum use.

Linda Ferguson Designs Bolero Jacket

Linda Ferguson Designs Bolero Jacket

Ah the shoe dilemma, so many shoes, not enough time:)  As a lover of shoes, when I travel I must admit that this part is very challenging for me.

But I have discouvered that when I travel with a maximum of 3 pairs, one pair to wear to the airport, one flat/athletic shoe and one high heel shoe, I have survived!  Really, once you decide on what shoes you are bringing along on your 3 Day Get-Away, it is all down hill from there.  Just match up the shoes with your outfits and everything starts to get very clear and focused.

So these are just some of the ‘Key Items’ that you can build on when you travel.  Then as far as a great pair of jeans goes, try these jeans or here is another great site where you can order jeans online to get the perfect fit.

Have a great trip and let me know how you prepare for your Get-Away!

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