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Flat Sandals in Victoria, BC

Flat Sandals in Victoria BC

Flat Sandals for Women in Victoria, BC

We LOVE beautiful flat sandals because you can only run around in those beautiful heels for just so long in Victoria BC. Then you need to take a break and slip into some comfy flat sandals, but these days ladies, they call them SLIDES.

Flat sandals for women used to be pretty boring but today that is certainly not the case. When Birkenstocks first hit the market place they certainly were not pretty. But if you happened to slip your foot inside a pair you were going to be shocked, as to how super comfortable they were!

So you start to ask the question … when is a footwear designer going to design comfortable and beautiful flat sandals? This is challenge that I have had for many years because all of the footwear designers were men.

When men design a flat sandal they need to understand that the sandal has to be practical and pretty. (click to Tweet)

Even though there are professionals models that test all of the footwear, it is not the same as wearing a pair of flat sandals while going about your day to day business.

My issues have always been that flat sandals are either too loose and offer no support or they flip-flop when walking and make an annoying sound. When flat sandals do not fit you properly they are dangerous because they do not give your ankles any support and you are not able to run in them if necessary.

But ladies I am so pleased to find out that things are a changing now in Victoria BC. We now have so many talented female footwear designers that understand that beauty and functionally go hand in hand – Yeah for the ladies.

Some of my favourite Rock Star Diva Designers are Charlotte Olympia who was founded in 2008 in London, England; then there is Isabel Marant which is a French house of fashion founded in 1994 and last but not least is  Sophia Webster  who is a British designer who launched her footwear line in 2012.

These young and talented women are changing the face of footwear as we know it. Many women I know have feet problems and they must wear a flat shoe so these fun and funky SLIDES solve that problem for them.

If you are having difficulties finding a flat sandal that you really love then try online shopping. This is where you have the best selection of footwear available from right around the globe, and once your know your shoe size it becomes quite easy.

Watch this short video on How to Measure your Foot – and find out what your current shoe size actually is.

So please check out some of these beauties below and let me know which ones you love the best.

Pops of Colour

Wearing pretty looking and functional sandals should be on every women’s summer list.

Leather Tory Burch $290 ... in Victoria, BC

Leather Tory Burch $290 … Flat sandals in Victoria, BC

Whether you are lounging around a pool, vacationing at the cottage or shopping in Victoria, BC at some of the most eclectic boutiques, you are destined to feel happy wearing these gorgeous SLIDES on your feet.

Beaded Leather Rochas $1,391 ... in Victoria, BC

Beaded Leather Rochas $1,391 … Flat sandals in Victoria, BC

If you are someone who just prefers a more neutral pallet them most of these SLIDES do come in a nude or beige colour.

Alexander Wang $535 ... Flat sandals in Victoria, BC

Alexander Wang $535 … Flat sandals in Victoria, BC

Have lots of fun and dress up your feet this summer with some bling and jewels.

Mesh MSGM $399 ... in Victoria, BC

Mesh MSGM $399 … Flat sandals in Victoria, BC

I’ve got my eye on at least three of them, so let’s start walking. Also, please let me know what your favourite Sandals or SLIDES are and I will gladly share them with everyone.

Happy Summer!

Flat Sandals in Victoria, BC

Flat Sandals in Victoria, BC

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