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How to Tie Scarves!

Knowing how to tie scarves today is an essential skill, for any fashionable woman out there.   Whether you just wrap it around your neck for warmth in the winter months or use it to add some unique style to your wardrobe in the summer months, scarves today are an essential accessory.  They instantly add a pop of colour to …

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Key Items to Pack on a 3 Day Get-Away!

The challenge of packing ‘Key Items’ on a 3 Day Get-Away!   It is not about your destination or the length of your trip, it is always about being prepared for multiple situations that we may be faced with. I must admit that in the beginning when I packed for a trip I was just awful.  I literally took everything …

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Bags for Summer

Bags for Summer – it’s LOVE at first Sight!

Bags for summer should be packed with colour and large enough to carry all your cool summer stuff 🙂 Your basic black bag does not work once the warmer weather has hit the shores. So go for colour, function and fun. WOW – now that summer is finally here ladies – go out and invest in a Fabulous BAG!   …

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Designing a Dress 101 Linda Ferguson Designs Victoria BC

Designing a Haute Couture Dress in Victoria BC

Designing a Haute Couture Dress in Victoria BC is heaven. As a Fashion Designer of Haute Couture clothing in Victoria, BC people ask me all the time, what is the process with a ‘Client Consultation’ if they wanted to have a custom dress designed by me? Well the first thing is ‘Knowing what you Want’ that is very helpful for …

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2014 Colours2 Copy.011

2014 Spring and Summer Fashion Trends!

Look what is happening in the world of 2014 Spring and Summer Fashion Trends!   Look out – because 2014 Spring and Summer is simply packed full of bright colours.  If these are a little too strong for your personality, not to worry.  You can add just hints of these shades in one of your many accessories from bags to …

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Single Awareness DAY

February 14th is ‘Single Awareness DAY!

Single Awareness DAY! Ladies, DYK that February 14th is also ‘Single Awareness Day’.  Whether or not you are in a relationship or not, this day is for you – because we LOVE you …. just the way you are! I spent years alone and very single on V Day and I am so excited to finally hear that women are …

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SBP Volunteer - Madelaine

Shoe Box Project for Shelters

The Shoe Box Project is up and running in Victoria, BC and they need your support. Just go the our website or visit our Facebook Page  for details and more info. The Shoe Box Project is a not-for-profit organization that provides lovely gift-filled shoeboxes during the holiday season to women living in shelters. “Because the greatest Gift is not found under …

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10 TOP Colours for Fall!

10 TOP Colours for Fall I find it difficult not to just love the fall season the most – because of the luxurious fabrics and colour palette that it provides.  The rich jewel tones are popular this fall and they are great investment pieces that if you invest wisely, you will have them in your closet for decades. They are …

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Red Leopard Flats

Weekend Wear Clothing!

As the weekend is upon us and we are about to go away for a few days – the question of what to pack is what I am constantly asked.  Having the proper weekend wear clothing is essential because we have to do double-duty on many of the pieces. You really only need a few basic items and they are: …

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Python print

Year of the Snake!

  With 2013 being the year of the Snake, the fashion industry just had to be a part of all that fun.  So Gucci’s collection has introduced us to his python line this spring.  We will see skins in the form of footwear, bags, dresses to coats and jackets! Women around the world, rejoice, when it comes to wearability, the …

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