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Fashion is still a Passion for Women over 50

So I gotta tell you that for decades I have been a subscriber to VOGUE fashion magazine. In fact, my neighbour used to bundle them probably about a dozen fashion magazines at a time, all tied up with string for recycling and then drop them at the end of her driveway. My mother did not subscribe to magazines so any opportunity to …

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Plus-Size Fashions in Victoria BC

As a Fashion Designer I dress women in Plus-Size fashions along with very tiny women because let’s face it, as women we all come in different shapes and sizes. But our shape or size should not dictate on how one should dress and express themselves. However the Fashion Industry is not an industry that embraces change well. Because that is …

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Fall Fabric Trends in Victoria BC

The fall season is my most favourite season of the year and I am going to share with you some great fall fabric trends in Victoria, BC. Add these keys pieces to your wardrobe and you will look very stylish and also be warm and toasty. In the fall, we get to wear clothing pieces that are layered and funky. …

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Frump to FAB, Victoria BC

How to go from Frump to FABULOUS in Victoria BC

I have heard that one of the most challenging people to find when you relocate to Hollywood, is a GREAT Stylist. Transforming someone from Frump to Fabulous is a big challenge. These people are worth their weight in gold. They can transition just a simple plain ‘Jane’ into a voluptuous woman of style and grace. In Hollywood the whole idea …

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Flat Sandals in Victoria, BC

Flat Sandals in Victoria BC

Flat Sandals for Women in Victoria, BC We LOVE beautiful flat sandals because you can only run around in those beautiful heels for just so long in Victoria BC. Then you need to take a break and slip into some comfy flat sandals, but these days ladies, they call them SLIDES. Flat sandals for women used to be pretty boring …

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Resort Wear

Resort Wear for Women in Victoria, BC

Resort Wear for Women Resort Wear for Women in Victoria, BC must be clothing pieces that are fun to wear and easy to pack. With so many of us heading off to a warmer climate in the New Year, it is always fun to have clothing pieces that do double-duty all year round. In the Fashion World they call this ‘Resort …

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Plus Size Knitting Needles

Hot Sweater Trends for Women in Victoria, BC

Hot Sweater Trends for Women in Victoria, BC With the weather getting cooler this fall here are some Hot Sweater Trends for women in Victoria, BC, as we all get bundled up nice and snug in big chunky mega- knit sweaters.  We LOVE Sweaters because they are unobstructed and free from form and discipline.  Sweaters are perfect for layering your clothes …

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Dresses through History Linda Ferguson Designs

Invest in a Great Dress

Invest in a Great Dress that you LOVE! There are some designer dresses out there that are to die-for.  But where would you wear them because our lifestyle is just not Downton Abbey:) But I do know that if you invest in a great dress, one that fits your body like a glove you will never regret the purchase because …

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Linda Ferguson Designs Wardrobe Basics 101

Express your unique Style with Wardrobe Basics 101!


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Leaf Shoe

Shoe Lust in Victoria BC

Shoe Lust is Contagious! Shoe Lust – well what can I tell you, I have had this problem my entire life.  No only do I look at shoes from a practical viewpoint.  But I also see them as a work of art, which is evident in the work below by the extremely talented Michel Toherevkoff.  Even if you don’t like …

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