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Fall Fabric Trends in Victoria BC

The fall season is my most favourite season of the year and I am going to share with you some great fall fabric trends in Victoria, BC. Add these keys pieces to your wardrobe and you will look very stylish and also be warm and toasty. In the fall, we get to wear clothing pieces that are layered and funky. From gloves and scarves to jackets and boots, interesting fabrics is what sets this season apart from the others. The weather is still warm outside during the daytime but once that sun sets, the cool breezes set-in and we need to wrap ourselves in something warm.

So let’s look at one of the hottest fall fabric trends and that is Tweed. Now tweed has such an interesting history that originated in Scotland in the 18th century and is traditionally a coarse cloth woven from pure virgin wool. One of the most famous makes is the ‘Harris Tweed’, first woven in the 18th century by crofters in the Outer Hebrides. It was then introduced to the British aristocracy in the 1840’s by Lady Dunmore. To regulate and protect the fabric against imitations, the Harris Tweed Orb Certification Mark was created in 1909, the oldest British mark of its kind, with the definition, “only tweeds woven in the Outer Hebrides would be eligible”.


Now the Tweeds this season are softer and the colour palette is much brighter than the original brown tones of yesterday. Part of the fall fabric trends in Victoria, BC is incorporating Faux Fur into the Tweeds for a very edgy and creative look.  Not only is Tweed a long lasting investment garment, but because it has wool in it, it is very warm and light weight.

Today’s Fall Fabric trends are Velvet that is soft and pliable and a lot of it has stretch in it that is a must for most women 🙂  The Velvet that your granny had was heavy and stiff so the applications were limited. Fortunately that has changed the fabric landscape and today we have a wide variety of colours and textures within the Velvet world. Due to Velvet’s softness and high cost of production, Velvet has often been associated with nobility. However with new technologies the cost of production has been significantly reduced to make it affordable to the masses. On the runway we have seen beautiful embroidery on Velvet along with lace detailing and fringe work. Adding these different textures gives Velvet an even more irresistible appeal.


Now we come to Leather. This fall fabric trend in Victoria, BC never really goes out of fashion. You can always add a Leather element to your wardrobe as long as the other pieces are current. So really it is one of the Classic Pieces that will stand the test of time if it is not to on-trend or out there. Leather also crosses the different demographic boundaries and styles. We have Biker Jackets to Jacki-O Jackets and  Leather Pencil Skirts to Skinny Pants all in the name of leather. Any women who wears Leather radiates Confident and is Self-Assured. Wearing leather is not for the timid at heart.


So invest in one of these luxurious fabrics this fall and have fun mixing and matching your favourite textures to create your own unique Style.

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