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Designing a Haute Couture Dress in Victoria BC

Designing a Haute Couture Dress in Victoria BC is heaven.

As a Fashion Designer of Haute Couture clothing in Victoria, BC people ask me all the time, what is the process with a ‘Client Consultation’ if they wanted to have a custom dress designed by me?

Well the first thing is ‘Knowing what you Want’ that is very helpful for the designer as that narrows down the possibilities which are endless.  When you the client are clear and concise, it helps with the design process and the length of time involved from the beginning to the end.

Let’s begin with designing a haute couture dress.  Do you the client want a sleeveless, off the shoulder, cap sleeve, long sleeve dress, short sleeve and would you prefer a maxi, midi or mini length?

Those questions all must be answered before we move forward.  The designing of a dress from length to flow and style type, are all sketched-up and then we move to the next phase.

Now we are going to discuss the types of fabrics that are available and then you the client, would make a decision on which fabric you ‘love’ the best for designing your dress.  Are you the client looking for a sleek look, if so certain fabric types lend themselves best to this type of silhouette.

Once the Fashion Designer and the client have agreed upon the selected fabric, then we move onto taking precise measurements of the clients unique body type.  Every single woman on the planet has a different body type – there are no two the same.  Your body type is just like your thumb print – unique and original.

I personally take about 20 different measurements in order that your dress fits your body perfectly.  Measurements are taken from your inside seam length to the width of your back, which all play an important part on any garment fitting your body type beautifully.  

Once those measurements have been noted then we move onto the mock-up garment which is Step 2.


Body measurements for custom dress design by Linda Ferguson Designs in Victoria BC

Body Measurements

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