About Linda


It all starts with a Passion for Fashion at 10! 


Linda clone at her machine

Linda’s clone at her sewing machine.

At 10 years old my passion for fashion was to learn how to operate a sewing machine, and quickly.  I had so many new ideas that I could never keep up.

I was always at the sewing machine creating something as it was the coolest outlet for my creativity, and I have never stopped.  While all of my girlfriends were hanging out together on the weekend, I was draped over a sewing machine creating a new outfit to wear the following week.  That provided me with enormous satisfaction and pride that still propels me to this day.  

My passion for fashion was developed at a very early age. Creating new garments and working with beautiful fabrics is  just like breathing for me.  Without it – I would die!

After graduating from the ‘Sheridan College Fashion Design’ program, I worked in the garment industry in Toronto, until launching my own company ‘Knit Knacks’.

As a Fashion Designer, the industry is constantly evolving and changing and that keeps it exciting and interesting.  Clothing is an expression of our personality and style.  It tells us a lot about who we are as individuals and what we want to express to others.

I am passionate and take great pride and satisfaction in helping women of all ages and dress sizes look their BEST.  Having clothing pieces that enhance the female form and uplift our confidence levels, allows us to achieve our goals in life.

My beautiful granddaughter ‘Lily’ being very creative at the TELUS Centre in Calgary.

Winner of the ‘Woman of Style Award’ at the YoUnlimited Awards 2015 in Victoria, BC.



When I am not in my studio creating, you will find me tending to my gardens creating a peaceful and tranquil outdoor living space. This is where one can just lounge, relax, watch all my little birds at the bird feeder and bird bath playing and really just gain a grounded perspective in ones Life 🙂 Garden

My love of interior design, cooking, art and entertaining overlap in my life weaving a rich tapestry of colour and vibrancy.Other loves in my life would include my supportive and loving husband John Topolniski of ‘ToposLandscapingCompany’  my beautiful and talented children

Tarah Ferguson of  ‘TarahTalkingTech’ and Devon Ferguson of ‘DSFFilms’.

With them all in my life, I am full of Joy, Love and Gratitude!

Tarah & Devon at the LEO Awards

Tarah & Devon