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ABD – Abundant Black Disorder!

Do you suffer from ‘ABD’Abundant Black Disorder?


Woman Wearing Black

Yours is a common dilemma.  Who doesn’t love black when it comes to clothing?  It’s chic, it’s sexy, it makes you look thin, and you can wear it practically anywhere.  But when it comes to building a fashionable wardrobe that makes you look fabulous at 40, 50 and beyond, beware of falling into a “black hole.”  

If your closest is full of more black clothing and accessories than an Italian widow and every time you go shopping you can be overheard asking, “does it come in black?” – you may suffer from a common wardrobe dysfunction known as Abundant Black Disorder, or ABD.  While ABD can occur at any age in a woman’s life, it often peaks at midlife.  If you feel like you’ll be too visible or look too fat unless you wear black, black and more black, then it’s time for a color intervention.  

If you’re a woman with ABD, you probably don’t even realize that an abundance of black in your wardrobe is cramping your style and hurting your looks.  But the reality is too much black is dreary and boring, and makes you look tired and much older than you are.  How so?  

After 40, our skin and hair begins to fade.  Wrinkles and lines set in.  When you wear too much black, especially up top, it creates a sharp and unflattering contrast.  Black is notorious for draining the color from our faces, emphasizing age spots, lines and wrinkles, and creating dark shadows, especially under the eyes.  

Although you may hate to admit it, head to toe black probably doesn`t look as great on you as it used to.  It more often than not, looks downright harsh.

Why, then do you keep buying black?  If it’s to look thin, remember that any dark neutral will do.   Constantly dressing in black sends the message, “Please don’t notice me.  I feel old.”  Is it possible you’re wearing too much black because you’ve lost your confidence and just want to disappear into the crowd?  Too much black keeps your fabulous over-40 personality hidden from the world and that’s sad.  

It’s time to make a break and say good-bye to the over-40 sea of black sheep!  But, you say, “black is so easy and practical!” Yeah, like vanilla ice cream.  Imagine going to an ice cream store and salivating over hundreds of delicious, exotic, and oh, so tempting flavors, then ordering a tiny scoop of plain, low fat vanilla ice cream.  If you have a craving for something fabulous, but settle for something safe, you’ll be left feeling bored, unsatisfied and craving more.  Bland, bland, bland!  It’s the same with wearing black.

Wearing black day after day may be practical, easy and safe, but it won’t satisfy you for long. Too much black sucks the joy from your fashion, soul and your appearance.  So this holiday season try something new, pick a colour (not black) and especially one that flatters your skin tone and body type.  When we walk into the room we want to make an entrance – not fade into the background!  Enjoy …


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